Why should read this blog?

Being that this is my second blog post you might be asking yourself why you should read this blog? Good question. Here is my answer: I will give you accurate, authoritative, and intelligent information regarding swimming pools, the pool industry and your backyard living experience. Though some posts might be slightly off topic, I hope that all of them will be entertaining. How often can you expect a post? I expect a post once a week at minimum and you make it in extra one from time to time.

What kind of blog post can you expect from this blog? Well, here are a few titles that I plan to post.

And many more. And, hopefully I can get a few guest bloggers, from related industries of course: landscapers, lawn guys, fences, etc.

Open to suggestions. Although I'm an expert in industry of swimming pools, I am open to suggestions. If you have a particular topic that you would like me to discuss in detail, I would be happy to review it and possibly post it here on this blog. Or, if its not something that needs to be answered in depth, I'll just talk to you one on one and take care of your issue. Feel free to contact me. Be sure to check back on a regular basis. Thank you.