I got my start in the swimming pool industry in 2002, working for a large pool company in Columbia, SC. I learned how to take care of a pool and got my CPO license (certified pool operator). After a year of working at the pool maintenance company, the management decided to focus its efforts on building pools. The end result, I was laid off. 

Suzanne and I started Aquanut Pool Care in 2008, with just a dream and a truck. Slowly getting some customers and then a few more. It has not been an easy road building the company, but nothing worthwhile ever is. There is a lot more we want to say here. So check back as we get our thoughts together. Thanks!


Derrick Todd
Name: Derrick Todd

Job: Head Nut (owner)

Hobbies: Family is a big part of his life. Likes to sail on a monohull sailboat. Loves almost anything to do with water.

Derrick Todd Family

Names: Caleb, Logan & James

Job: Directors of Cute & General Mischief

Hobbies: If getting into things is a hobby, these kids have it nailed. They can dismantle a perfectly good toy in seconds. Give them an empty box and they will call it a rocket ship and be as happy for hours.

Nutty Todd
Name: Nutty

Job: Mascot

Hobbies: Hanging out around the pool, Sipping fresh made Pina Coladas and making sure customers are happy.

Nutty even has his own Facebook page.


Mike Aquanut Poolcare

Name: Mike

Job: Head Pool Cleaner Hobbies:

If you would like to know a statistic about certain sports Mike is your man. He enjoys helping others, thus his passion for Occupational Therapy.

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