Put Your Cash Away

Posted by Aquanut on  August 1, 2020
Put your cash away. When your pump motor dies or your pump itself just goes bad consider upgrading to an energy-efficient pump motor. Now you don’t have to replace the entire pump to upgrade to an energy-efficient unit. There are now energy-efficient motor models that bolt right up to your existing pump housing. This cost is much less than buying a whole new energy-efficient pump. However, if you do have the extra cash, I would

When Pool Pump Motors Die

Posted by Aquanut on  July 15, 2020
We got a call from a customer today. They said their pump motor was making weird noises. When asked to describe it, they said it was a whining noise at first that became a buzzing noise. Then the motor stopped running completely. When the Aquanut team got to the house, we discovered that the motor was not only frozen but all of the electrical components inside were burnt to a crisp. In fact, the motor

The Shocking Truth About Shock

Posted by Aquanut on  June 15, 2020
The shocking truth about shock. A lot of people put “shock” in their pool thinking that it’s going to help clear the pool water and for the most part it does. The problem comes when anything goes wrong with the pool’s chemistry. Chlorine is a gas, so in order to get it in your pool is to mix it with something else to get it into a solid-state. Shock is actually mixed with something called
Why should pool owners read this blog? Our blog is designed to give you accurate, authoritative, and intelligent information regarding swimming pools, the pool industry and your backyard living experience.  What kind of blog post can you expect from this blog? Well, here are a few titles that we plan to post about Top 10 things you need to know before hiring the pool guy Top 10 things you need to know before buying a

Aquanut’s First Blog Post

Posted by Aquanut on  May 13, 2020
Hello water lovers! Welcome to Aquanut’s first blog EVER. We wanted to start a blog to let people know what is going in the world of backyard swimming pools and to inform people on things that they might not know about their pool and anything related to backyards and swimming pools. Please bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) and stop back often for the latest in Aquanut’s experience in maintenance and cleaning of homeowners pools