Put your cash away.

When your pump motor dies or your pump itself just goes bad consider upgrading to an energy-efficient pump motor. Now you don’t have to replace the entire pump to upgrade to an energy-efficient unit. There are now energy-efficient motor models that bolt right up to your existing pump housing. This cost is much less than buying a whole new energy-efficient pump.

However, if you do have the extra cash, I would highly recommend that you go with an entirely new energy-efficient pump unit. The reason being is although you can hook up an energy-efficient motor directly to your existing unit the water flow design of the new energy-efficient pumps allows the water to flow more efficiently saving you more money in the long run. Energy-efficient pumps are a little bit more money upfront but you’re not going to get rid of your pool, are you? The average life of a pool motor is between 8 and 12 years that’s a long time to go without an energy-efficient unit that can cut your power cost by up to 70%.