We got a call from a customer today. They said their pump motor was making weird noises. When asked to describe it, they said it was a whining noise at first that became a buzzing noise. Then the motor stopped running completely. When the Aquanut team got to the house, we discovered that the motor was not only frozen but all of the electrical components inside were burnt to a crisp. In fact, the motor was so old that when we opened it up, the parts crumbled. Fortunately for this homeowner, replacing the motor was all that was necessary to get their pool back up and running.

Having a motor go bad can be a big pain and inconvenience for a homeowner. The loud noise can bother neighbors and keep you up at night … especially if your pump happens to be located near your bedroom window. Replacing worn-out motors is just one of our specialties at Aquanut. We service Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, and Waterway, as well as others. If your pump is having an issue, we’ll be glad to help you get it replaced fast so you can get back to enjoying your pool … in peace and quiet.